Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Olympic Torch Comes to Milton!

Today was the big day! Your faithful reporter actually managed to get up at gawdawful in the morning and walk up to Main Street in the freezing cold just to bring you this footage.

I hope you appreciate it.

Seriously, it was a lot of fun and very exciting. I even got to sing Christmas carols and a rousing rendition of 'O Canada' with the Milton Choristers.


Kathy said...

Hi Jennifer
Thanks for the blog and video.
Shows what a great turnout it was all along the route.
8.30 am is early? There was people out waiting at 7.30 am at Main & Bronte.

Jennifer Smith said...

Yeah, well, I work the late shift at a video store, so my circadian rhythms run a little later than most folks :)

Anonymous said...

Great video Jennifer...
Despite the fact it was cold, once the people saw the torch and got into it they seemed to forget the chill in the air.

Pancake breakfast at the Memorial Arena was a good warm up.

mack said...

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