Thursday, July 16, 2009

June/July Garden Update

Sorry the blogging's been a little light, but hey - it's the lazy days of summer!

I thought I'd share some of the updated photos of the veggie garden, or at least updated as of a couple of weeks ago. In general, I can report that the newspaper/straw mulch plan has been a HUGE success! Weeds are at a minimum, I haven't had to water nearly as often, and the plants are healthy and happy.

The only failures so far seem to be the Bok Choy and the beans and peas. I think I'm just going to have to give up on Bok Choy altogether - the stuff starts bolting almost as soon as I get it in the ground and nothing I do can dissuade it.

As for the beans and peas, the only ones from the first planting that sprouted were the Broad Windsor beans. There was no sign of the snap peas or the string beans, so I planted a second round. Two weeks later only a couple had come up, so I tried French beans instead. I'm told beans and peas need a lot of heat which we just haven't been getting this year. We'll see. Interestingly, the bean row is the only area I didn't cover with newsprint.

First two plantings of Broad Windsor beans, a few weeks ago...

And the Windsor beans today - flowering!

The only pea plant to come up so far

The string beans are starting to come up,
but something's been chewing on them

And I don't even especially like tomatoes. Want some?

Bok Choy FAIL

Happy cabbage!

Mesclun lettuce mix in the middle, Swiss chard to the right