Friday, March 13, 2009

Breaking News: Sobey's Warehouse Shutting Down

I'm still waiting for verification and more details, but word from my source is that Sobey's warehouse in Milton is transferring all of its operations to the company's new distribution centre in Vaughan, putting its 300 or so remaining Milton employees out of work.

This comes less than a week after two of our manufacturing plants closed their doors, and brings the butcher's bill up to 700. Next up: Magna?

UPDATE: It looks like this one might just be a rumour. According to one person, it's still business as usual at Sobey's warehouse - although everyone there is understandably worried.


supercilious said...

An automated facility has been opened in Vaughan. The grocery departments from the Milton and Whitby facility are being moved to this location - scheduled completion is September 2009. I am not sure about the details of Whitby's lay offs but in Milton over 300 employees will be laid off this year. The plant manager (Bruce Gottzman) claims his superiors have not supplied him with any other info but future job security is not guaranteed less the other departments (produce, dairy, frozen, repack) are remaining for the present time.

Crunch said...

Just to clarify... there are at present over 800 employees at the Milton DC, this includes part time staff.
I work at this warehouse and have not yet been informed how many jobs will be lost once the shift of grocery to the new Vaughan DC has completed.
We have been assured that the Meats, Dairy, Frozen and Produce departments will remain.

Otherwise, there have been no updates from the National or Provincial offices of Sobeys

zeeekeeeee said...

i work at the milton RSC . unionized workers are bidding on shifts rite now for when the alignment takes place. there will be a total of 380 positions to fill. (approx. the same will be lost). they are telling us around the end of october we will be layed off.

supercilious said...

The Brantford facility (Lumpsten) will be closing its doors within the next year. The Grocery goods from this facility are being moved to the Vaughn location and the Produce,Meat, Frozen and Dairy products will be moved to the Milton and Whitby facilities.
Most likely in the near future more job creation at the Milton facility will be the result.