Friday, November 7, 2008

AnnK's Big Show

I've introduced you to local artist Ann Kornuta before. Last night she had her very own show at the Dorland-Haight Gallery and from all appearances it was a smashing success. She sold some paintings, made a few contacts, and got to listen to friends and supporters gush over her extraordinary work.

Plus there was a DJ! And a multi-media show! In Milton! I even got to meet Mike Cluett (who scooped me on blogging the event), plus a few other fans of Sprawlville.

The only down side was the rather odd couple next door coming down to complain about the music. After the woman failed to get the desired response from the Gallery owner (who has apparently had to deal with her before), she sent down her husband/boyfriend. The guy came down shirtless and reminded me somewhat of Randy from TPB - and was taken about as seriously. Sorry guys - it's Main Street Milton and it's before 10 p.m. Suck it up.

Here are a few images from the evening:

Ann, Ann's brother, and Mike Cluett

Ann's Doppelganger

Ann and fellow artist Sarah Joncas watching crazy YouTube
videos of turtles, cats, and zombie shoe fiends

"Hey you kids, turn that music down!!"


Anonymous said...

It was a great time that night and Im sorry I missed the Trailer Park Boys coming in to visit as well....THAT wouldve been a hoot.

Ann looked amazing as well, Im really happy it went off so well.

Lostboy said...

Huh. That looks like Mother 3 right up there in one of the pictures. Surely it's irrelevant but great blog nonetheless.